Steve Stoute Debuts “Tanning of America” Docu-series

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There have been a lot of conversation about marketing/advertising mastermind and mogul Steve Stoute, who is known for his expertise in hip-hop culture and branding. In an interview today with Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club, Stoute talked about his book Tanning of America, which has been repurposed into a four-part documentary series airing on VH1.

During the interview Stoute talked about some pop culture icons like Jayz, Kanye, 50 Cent, Nas, Drake and Rick Ross and the deals they have been able to close or are working on. He credited these stars for their contributions to his business and society at large.  He was asked to comment on various brands, but the one where he shared some great gems for was World Star Hip-Hop. Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat, a Hollis, Queens-based high school dropout, founded the site in 2005 calling it the “CNN of the Ghetto.” Stoute recommended that Q begin to rate the videos in order to pull in move advertisers for the kinds of content they were interested in and differentiate the “ghetto” from the important. He also spoke about record labels who try to sign 360 deals, encompassing marketing, sponsorship, endorsement and other kinds of deals, without the proper resources or human capital to do so. There is clearly a shift happening in the worlds of marketing, advertising and entertainment as the lines become more and more blurred.

“We all like hip hop culture. That culture has no color,” he said. “I think that lead to a generation of kids who don’t see color anymore. That mental complexion is what I dubbed of tanning and when I wrote the book a it was a good way to discuss race without sounding racist.”

Part three of the docu-series airs tonight (Feb. 26) at 11pm on VH1.

via Malikah Kelly


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