“The Università di Bologna,” by Malikah Kelly

The Università di Bologna (University of Bologna) in Italy has a centuries-long tradition of scholarship. The school is said to have been formed in 1088. At first, its scholars taught rhetoric, logic, and grammar, but in 1158, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire declared the university to be a place of independent research. In subsequent centuries, the university added studies in arithmetic, astronomy, Greek, and Hebrew. Experimental science appeared in the curriculum in the 1500s, followed by the study of medicine in the 1600s and 1700s.

As the modern Italian state became unified in the 1900s, the University of Bologna assumed a central place in world culture. After the two World Wars, the university shifted its focus to a European system of education.

Today, the University of Bologna offers programs in the arts, the humanities, economics, law, engineering, and psychology, among others. It also provides courses in Italian for international students.

About the Author

Malikah Kelly is a recent graduate. She obtained a Master of Business Administration in Design, Fashion, and Luxury Goods from the Università di Bologna.


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