Malikah Kelly’s Blog

Steps for a Successful Social Media Strategy by Malikah Kelly

As a recent graduate of an international Master of Business Administration program, I have confidence in my contemporary marketing education. It is in any emerging business’s best interest to examine the marketing opportunities that social media offers.

The first step is to analyze the audience. This allows a social media director to create the type of content that will immediately grab attention through a relatable “voice,” one that fits the age group, education level, and interests of a target demographic and establishes the company as an authority.

The next step is to decide on one of three specific goals: awareness, loyalty, or sales. Developing one of these specific obectives will eventually lead to increases in the others.

The final step is to measure and monitor. Loyalty can be measured through increased numbers of engagements and instances of influence. EdgeRank Checker and Klout are tools that provide this information. Awareness can be monitored through subscriptions, shares, and likes. Sales are measurable with click rates and similar procedures.

Malikah Kelly received her MBA at the University of Bologna, Italy. Her work with Neima Sitawi Luxury Boutique Fashion provided her with extensive business management experience.


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